A necessary precaution in an uncertain world

The security threat across the globe has changed at an unprecedented rate. It is hard to definitively class any destination as safe, such is the changing landscape of terrorism. However, we don’t believe that our clients should be concerned about travelling to the destinations they love. That’s why we offer the very best in personal protection and residential security.

Peace of mind on your travels

EliteJets Security can provide professional and discreet close protection operatives to accompany you on your travels, or to protect your place of residence. All of our operatives are highly trained, vetted and licenced by the Security Industry Authority. They hold extensive experience serving members of Royalty, VIPs and Corporate clients. The operatives we use are intelligent, presentable, and will blend seamlessly into the background – your private travel will always remain private.

A personal, tailored service

We let our clients tell us what kind of security service they would prefer.  One of the most demanded services currently (after several high-profile break ins) is residential security for your home, villa, chalet, hotel or superyacht.  Some clients want the re-assurance of having a medically trained security professional with them on their flight, or to remain with them for the duration of their trip.  Whatever level of personal security you would prefer, we are happy to accommodate.

About Us

All of the close protection operatives employed by EliteJets Security are handpicked according to a specific criteria.  Impeccably presented, well mannered, physically fit and accustomed to being in the company of high net worth individuals.  We only employ operatives that we know personally and trust with your safety.  Here is what you can expect from our service:

  • All operatives hold extensive experience in protecting the type of elite individuals that make up our client base: VIPs, Corporate Executives, Celebrities and members of Royalty.
  • Most have served in elite units such as the UK Special Forces, Royal Military Police or Met Police Protection Units.
  • All operatives are trained in advanced first aid and carry emergency medical equipment.
  • In the unlikely event of a security emergency, our operatives are trained in escape and evasion procedures, protective driving, and unarmed combat.
  • SIA-logoEvery one of our team is vetted, qualified and licenced through the Security Industry Authority.
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